Bug in newly-released version 0.13.0 affecting MCMC for models with predictive nodes

We recently released version 0.13.0, which has some improvements in how we handle predictive nodes in NIMBLE’s MCMC engine.

Unfortunately, we realized (thanks to a user post from a couple days ago) that there is a bug in this new approach to predictive nodes.

If you haven’t upgraded to version 0.13.0, simply wait to upgrade until we release a bug fix in 0.13.1 in the next couple weeks.

If you have upgraded to version 0.13.0 and if you have run an MCMC on a model that both (1) has predictive nodes and (2) has multivariate nodes, then the bug might affect your results. Please set:

  nimbleOptions(MCMCusePredictiveDependenciesInCalculations = TRUE)

and then reconfigure/rebuild and rerun your MCMC. The option above will ensure that the MCMC behaves as it would in previous versions of NIMBLE.

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