Version 0.6-5 of NIMBLE released!

We’ve just released the newest version of NIMBLE on CRAN and on our website. Version 0.6-5 is mostly devoted to bug fixes and packaging fixes for CRAN, but there is some new functionality:

  • addition of the functions¬† c(), seq(), rep(), `:`, diag() for use in BUGS code;
  • addition of two improper distributions (dflat and dhalfflat) as well as the inverse-Wishart distribution;
  • the ability to estimate the asymptotic covariance of the estimates in NIMBLE’s MCEM algorithm;
  • the ability to use nimbleLists in any nimbleFunction, newly including nimbleFunctions without setup code;
  • and a variety of bug fixes and better error trapping.

Please see the NEWS file in the installed package for more details.

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