Version 0.6-4 of NIMBLE released!

We’ve just released the newest version of NIMBLE on CRAN and on our website. Version 0.6-4 has a bunch of new functionality for writing your own algorithms (using a natural R-like syntax) that can operate on user-provided models, specified using BUGS syntax. It also enhances the functionality of our built-in MCMC and other algorithms.

  • addition of the functions¬† c(), seq(), rep(), `:`, diag(), dim(), and which() for use in the NIMBLE language (i.e., run code) — usage generally mimics usage in R;
  • a complete reorganization of the User Manual, with the goal of clarifying how one can write nimbleFunctions to program with models;
  • addition of the adaptive factor slice sampler, which can improve MCMC sampling for correlated blocks of parameters;
  • addition of a new sampler that can handle non-conjugate Dirichlet settings;
  • addition of a nimbleList data structure that behaves like R lists for use in nimbleFunctions;
  • addition of eigendecomposition and SVD functions for use in the NIMBLE language;
  • additional flexibility in providing initial values for numeric(), logical(), integer(), matrix(), and array();
  • logical vectors and operators can now be used in the NIMBLE language;
  • indexing of vectors and matrices can now use arbitrary numeric and logical vectors;
  • one can now index a vector of node names provided to values(), and more general indexing of node names in calculate(), simulate(), calculateDiff() and getLogProb();
  • addition of the inverse-gamma distribution;
  • use of recycling for distribution functions used in the NIMBLE language;
  • enhanced MCMC configuration functionality;
  • users can specify a user-defined BUGS distribution by simply providing a user-defined ‘d’ function without an ‘r’ function for use when an algorithm doesn’t need the ‘r’ function;
  • and a variety of bug fixes, speedups, and better error trapping and checking.

Please see the NEWS file in the installed package for more details.

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