Version 0.6-11 of NIMBLE released

We’ve released the newest version of NIMBLE on CRAN and on our website.

Version 0.6-11 has important new features, notably support for Bayesian nonparametric mixture modeling, and more are on the way in the next few months.

New features include:

  • support for Bayesian nonparametric mixture modeling using Dirichlet process mixtures, with specialized MCMC samplers automatically assigned in NIMBLE’s default MCMC (See Chapter 10 of the manual for details);
  • additional resampling methods available with the auxiliary and bootstrap particle filters;
  • user-defined filtering algorithms can be used with NIMBLE’s particle MCMC samplers;
  • MCMC thinning intervals can be modified at MCMC run-time;
  • both runMCMC() and nimbleMCMC() now drop burn-in samples before thinning, making their behavior consistent with each other;
  • increased functionality for the ‘setSeed’ argument in nimbleMCMC() and runMCMC();
  • new functionality for specifying the order in which sampler functions are executed in an MCMC; and
  • invalid dynamic indexes now result in a warning and NaN values but do not cause execution to error out, allowing MCMC sampling to continue.

Please see the NEWS file in the installed package for more details

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