Version 0.8.0 of NIMBLE released

We’ve released the newest version of NIMBLE on CRAN and on our website. NIMBLE is a system for building and sharing analysis methods for statistical models, especially for hierarchical models and computationally-intensive methods (such as MCMC and SMC). Version 0.8.0 provides some new features, speed improvements, and a variety of bug fixes and better error/warning messages.

New features include:

  • a reversible jump MCMC sampler for variable selection via configureRJ();
  • greatly improved speed of MCMC sampling for Bayesian nonparametric models with a dCRP distribution by not sampling parameters for empty clusters;
  • experimental faster MCMC configuration, available by setting nimbleOptions(oldConjugacyChecking = FALSE) and nimbleOptions(useNewConfigureMCMC = TRUE);
  • and improved warning and error messages for MCEM and slice sampling.

Please see the release notes on our website for more details.


  1. I am working through the “Lightening Introduction” in the user manual and got stuck at section 2.3. When trying to compile the model (`compileNimble`), I get the following error:

    “Error: Failed to create the shared library.”

    I tried Googling the error, but did not come upon any posts that are clearly relevant. Can you point me to a post if it exists and/or let me know if there is an established solution to this problem?


    • The best place for questions is the nimble-users list. See the More -> Groups and Issues page. If it’s your first try using nimble and you get this error, typically it means you don’t have your C++ compiler tools set up as needed. Please see Chapter 4 of the User Manual if you haven’t done so already. If you’re still stuck, please email nimble-users with information on your operating system. Thanks.

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