Version 0.6-2 released!

Version 0.6-2 is a minor release with a variety of useful functionality for users.

Changes as of Version 0.6-2 include:

  • user-defined distributions can be used in BUGS code without needing to call the registerDistributions() function (unless one wants to specify alternative parameterizations, distribution range or that the distribution is discrete),
  • users can now specify the use of conjugate (Gibbs) samplers for nodes in a model,
  • NIMBLE will now check the run code of nimbleFunctions for functions (in particular R functions) that are not part of the DSL and will not compile,
  • added getBound() functionality to find the lower and upper bounds of a node either from R or in DSL code,
  • added functionality to get distributional information about a node in a model or information about a distribution based on the name of the density function; these may be useful in setup code for algorithms,
  • multinomial and categorical distributions now allow ‘probs’ arguments that do not sum to one (these will be internally normalized) and
  • a variety of bug fixes.

Please see the NEWS file in the installed package for more details.

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